The definition of loneliness, at least in my dictionary, is not that one has no other person around, but that when one wants someone, no one is around. Same goes to we think that no one likes us- there are other people that like us, but we just care about the ones we like that don’t like us back. Continue reading “9/20/2017”



Was used the word “infatuated” on today. The moment I saw his text, my immediate thought was that I got how Macchiato felt about me. To be honest, for that little amount of like he had for me, what Macchiato did showed that he was really a nice person. At least as opposed to Macchiato, I stopped texting this guy for a long time. Continue reading “8/19/2017”


Just figured this is a good time to sit down and write a post.

In the past 2 weeks, the scale has slid from my side to depression. To me, depression is not something I should defeat, but to live with and minimize its influence. Yet recently, I am not doing so good a job since depression has taken over my mindset to control my actions. Sad face.

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A Few Other Words on Growing Together

Macchiato wanted to prioritize his career, I understood but didn’t want to wait. Sometimes we encounter guys like him- they know what they want, and we somehow happen to meet them at the very critical moment that they can either make it through an opportunity or not. (There are cases where it is the girl instead of the guy. But to make my life easier, let’s just assume it’s the guy.) Continue reading “A Few Other Words on Growing Together”

a few words on the parent-child relationship

This post is mostly dedicated to a dear friend that I have known for long but only connected recently.

Over the times I’ve been thinking about why many of us had strong issues with our parents. I love my parents more than anything, but it was not until long before I could really understand and could really put down all the unresolved feelings in order to move on.  Continue reading “a few words on the parent-child relationship”

learn to love

This morning my friend told me she did not like the present given from her boyfriend. She told me she had told him what she disliked, but well, he happened to give her a gift with all the features she did not approve.

Sounds familiar, huh? Continue reading “learn to love”

for those that are not meant to be

“Too bad I guess.” Sour Dough said.

It is no secret that Sour Dough and I have been on and off a lot, but we both know this tiny little thing between us can only go to a certain degree. There is a wall in front of us. Though on the wall there is a door, neither of us would want to open it, not even touch the handle.

We never are meant to be together forever. To me, nothing lasts forever. Continue reading “for those that are not meant to be”

fast-food dating 2

So we’ve known the principles in the fast-food dating environment. This post is in continuance to the discussion. The whole thing about the fast-food industry is that everything is quick. Then there is the concern- how to make people realize what we’ve got? We all have those moments in life where we think we just do not have enough time or we do not have to opportunity to show the person how good we are. But the truth is, we either do not have the special talents we claim we have, or the other person just does not really care enough to know about it.

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fast food dating 1

This post is in furtherance of my conversation with a friend.

Let’s start off by just recognizing we are living in a fast-food culture, where everything comes in handy. Well, that’s why we have Tinder (by the way, a super smart idea, needless to say).

So why does this fast food culture exist? Easy. We have so many stimuli around us, and naturally we don’t care- because when we’re done with one, we still have so many other things to go after. Just like if we mis-swiped on tinder (though at that moment we feel like we have just lost the love of our life, right?), there are still millions of tinder users (don’t quote me on the number, just assuming) out there for us to swipe. Then, the problem is, if no one gives a damn, why anyone will choose us? To rephrase it, what makes us stand out? A question that everyone is more concerned about is, how to make us stand out? Continue reading “fast food dating 1”

re: awareness

We have awareness activities all the time- e.g. when we buy a new dress, we want to tell our girl friends where to get it; When we find a great deal, we want to share. On some bigger issues, say, feminism, we raise awareness through our actions (hopefully and ideally), even in the smallest details, as well as all the public speech, lecture and etc.

Hey, the point here is while we share something, it is either because we care about the recipient or the subject. Either way, we need to convey the piece of information. Then, naturally, we should learn how to effectively convey the subject matter and how to convey the idea in a way that the recipient accepts, or at least, sleeps with some part of it. Otherwise, why do we think we need great speakers for the lecture? We do need to acknowledge other people’s time. Continue reading “re: awareness”