When was my last post? It’s been a while.

I guess that says something. On the good side, I finally managed to let my thoughts out. Yes, I like a good ending to each story. If I were to pick one silly thing that I have always been insisting on, that would be it.

I know, this post so far seems to lack a point. That’s just how my thoughts are right now. There are not very specific acts or words that I am thinking about, but just some abstract feelings. Like I always say, there is always an “x” button on the browser. (Btw, it is interesting to learn that not everyone has the same ability to “decipher” other’s words. Yes, I am talking about you.)

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a few more words on a closure

I had a conversation with my old friend on the topic of “closure”. I had previously written what’s a proper closure?, and now I just want to write another one to further discuss this issue. The biggest hurdle to overcome a closure is that we think they still love us. In fact the most we can say is that they have loved us, but not anymore.

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So, I guess my first post in 2018 goes to Random Loner.

Last night we talked for the first time in a long time. He told me that he was trying to raise kids. Shocked at first, I was a bit jealous. Well, ok, very jealous.

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to help and to be helped

Many of us say we want to help people, and we enjoy helping people. But not many of us would want to admit that we want to be helped.  Continue reading “to help and to be helped”

Rose Petal Martini

It was a Friday night. I was in this Award party, more like, I was brought to this party by someone. As a result, I had to be stuck with this same person the whole time, and I had to pretend frequently to use the bathroom just to take a break.

On my way there, I had an eye contact with this guy that looked as if he was pulled straight out from a TV show in the 70s- leather jacket, flare-out pants, white sneakers, and of course the hairstyle. Continue reading “Rose Petal Martini”


This post is in light of a conversation with my friend a couple days ago, on the note of over-disclosure and over-trusting. So I told her my favorite egg example.

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The definition of loneliness, at least in my dictionary, is not that one has no other person around, but that when one wants someone, no one is around. Same goes to we think that no one likes us- there are other people that like us, but we just care about the ones we like that don’t like us back. Continue reading “9/20/2017”


Was used the word “infatuated” on today. The moment I saw his text, my immediate thought was that I got how Macchiato felt about me. To be honest, for that little amount of like he had for me, what Macchiato did showed that he was really a nice person. At least as opposed to Macchiato, I stopped texting this guy for a long time. Continue reading “8/19/2017”


Just figured this is a good time to sit down and write a post.

In the past 2 weeks, the scale has slid from my side to depression. To me, depression is not something I should defeat, but to live with and minimize its influence. Yet recently, I am not doing so good a job since depression has taken over my mindset to control my actions. Sad face.

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